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The Body Scan Meditation with Caitlin

The body scan is an extremely powerful and healing form of meditation. It is the core of the lying down practices taught in Mindfulness Meditation (taught at my Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop, register here). It involves systematically sweeping through the body with the mind, bringing an affectionate, open hearted, interested attention to its various regions of the body.

Meditate With Me + Going Away Potluck Monday the 10th

Movement and Meditation@ Flourishdec102018Followed by a going away potluck

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Struggling with Addiction? Work with me!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoying This Life: Article and Meditation

“…Human life is extremely short and precious. That is true for all of us regardless of our age. Time is always running out. Time escapes us and therefore life should be held sacred and precious. Knowing this, we sometimes get carried away by our desire to do something meaningful with our life. In the end, it’s often best to forget our grandiose ideas. It has been said that to practice true spirituality is to forget oneself. Once we know how to truly forget ourselves, what’s left is an extraordinary peace. That peace is all pervading, always present. In the ultimate sense, there is nothing to be done except to learn how to enjoy life.”

An excerpt from chapter five of The Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten.

This chapter came to me the morning before I quit my job. I had been working 60-70 hour weeks for far too long, with a full-time corporate job as well as running my business. Hustling, as it were, to build a life worth living.

Teetering between enough and too much has always been a difficult balance for me. Driven, intelligent, and energetic with a dash of impatience means I get shit done and with decent quality. But this much work? And doing it for someone other than myself? Nope! Not anymore.

As I woke up on that not-so-distant Monday morning, I felt mentally exhausted, unengaged with my corporate job, and lack-luster about the prospect of continuing life without the time I craved to spend in nature, with friends or family, or (God forbid!) relaxing with my guitar or a book in hand. I knew what I needed, time. Time to reset and recenter by getting in touch with what is most important in life. The only person responsible for this necessary recentering: Me. No one was going to offer me this on a platinum platter. I was finally ready to take charge of myself and make a change.

Because of the work I do with clients and in the community, I am continually lending out books on the subject of mindfulness, spirituality, and healing. The Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten was suggested to me from my first meditation teacher in 2012. At that time I had no knowledge of meditation, mindfulness, how to create space between thoughts, emotions, judgments or how to move from reaction to deliberate action. This book was foundational.

The universe working in my favor, the book had just been returned. It lay in my work bag, which, when you are working 70 hours a week, sits pretty close to the bed. I grabbed it out, flipping to a page I had read several years ago but had forgotten. I read aloud the above written excerpt and WOW! It hit me. Enjoying life? When is the last time I did that? I mean really enjoyed life? Enjoyed people? Enjoyed nature or reading or music? How long had it been since I relaxed? I didn’t know.

Since making this decision my entire demeanor has changed. I have been more relaxed, present, able to meet whatever arises (joys or suffering) with equanimity and compassion. I have been a better person to myself, my family, my partner, my friends, and my clients.

Who knew enjoying life could be this good?

Join me for a 3 hour Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop

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Mindful Me!

Come Meditate and Celebrate!

My final Movement and Meditation class December 10th at The Flourish Foundation from 6-7 PM followed by a going-away (see more about this below) potluck from 7-8 PM.

Movement and Meditation@ Flourishdec102018Followed by a going away potluck

Keep your Peepers Peeled for my upcoming eBook entitled Getting to Know Yourself Sexually; Explore, Discuss, Experiment and Cody Lee and I’s Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships Workshop: 4 online workshops, each week a different theme. Join live to ask questions and be part of a community seeking to develop peak relationships in all facets of life. You can purchase the entire workshop, four 1.5 hour long classes for $75, or pick and choose by theme, $25 per session. If you can’t make it to the live event, the recording will be sent to your inbox. Register at

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Find out more about Overcoming Addiction by working with me, a Certified Recovery Coach @

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Updates and Offerings with Caitlin

Dear fellow readers,

My goal in writing this blog has always been to inspire and support my readers (YOU!) in living happy, healthy lives. In the past this meant sharing my spiritual journey of becoming mindful by means of meditation, healing my physical body with yoga and plant based recipes, and how to overcome the obstructions, irritation, and frustrations which arise on the Bodhisattva path. Sharing with you what is going on in my life has been a way of creating community, fostering creativity, and defining what I am focused on at any given moment. Currently I am focused on addiction recovery, life and couples coaching, mindfulness, and developing healthy relationships by communicating, setting boundaries, trusting, and being honest.

My upcoming in-person events include a 3 hour Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop December 8th at Pure Body Bliss register @

My final Movement and Meditation class December 10th at The Flourish Foundation from 6-7 PM followed by a going-away (see more about this below) potluck from 7-8 PM.

Coming soon is a project I have been working on for several months, an eBook entitled Getting to Know Yourself Sexually; Explore, Discuss, ExperimentA sneak peek from the introduction:

No matter your age, taking care of and getting to know yourself sexually is as important as finding the right career, group of friends, lifestyle, or committed partner. I encourage you to keep an open mind while reading and working through this process. Who knows? You might just learn something about yourself.


For those of you who couldn’t join Cody and I in September for our Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships Workshop, you will have the opportunity January 2019! We are hosting 4 online workshops, each week a different theme. Join live to ask questions and be part of a community seeking to develop peak relationships in all facets of life. You can purchase the entire workshop, four 1.5 hour long classes for $75, or pick and choose by theme, $25 per session. If you can’t make it to the live event, the recording will be sent to your inbox. Register at

Working with clients (addiction recovery, life and couples coaching) will also move to an online platform as I transition to living in a new place, Flagstaff, AZ. This move comes after spending 11 years in Idaho, an amazingly beautiful place with wonderful people. I find myself ready to take on new life experiences, get my masters degree in Family Counseling, and engage a broader population. Find out more about coaching at

Last but not least, Kelsey Johndrow, beloved friend and yogini, and I have started a podcast, Karma is a Bitch. On this new platform we will discuss our personal struggles, provide resources and share methods for overcoming obstacles. These struggles include addiction, chronic pain, relationships, trust, touch, trauma, abuse, yoga, healing, meditation, mindfulness, eating disorders, self-harm, communication. Click the link to listen to the preview and stay tuned for upcoming episodes:–Preview-e2hq68

I hope these new offerings inspire you, as they do me, to be your best self!
Thank you for your support and for reading!
Caitlin Hegwood

Read, Watch, Listen, Repeat

Enlightenment happens on accident and practicing makes us accident prone.

-Tara Brach

If your goal when meditating is enlightenment, followed shortly by crystal rainbows of sunlight beaming from your body at all times, sitting down to practice each day might be a disappointment. Instead, let the goal be awareness. Awareness of thoughts, physical sensations, and breath. Awareness of emotions and feelings as they arise and eventually dissipate. When we are able to develop this awareness we can truly be enlightened, realizing we are not our thoughts/emotions/sensations, but something bigger, greater, and all encompassing.crystal-flower-sun-light-crystal-flower-sunlight-rays-sunlight-refracting-off-to-produce-patterns-115470668

As we practice more frequently, and with purpose, a calm, tranquility infuses us. Finding stillness for 5, 10, or 20 minutes permeates through the rest of the day, positively affecting each situation and interaction we encounter. Who wouldn’t want that?

All you have to do is start. Are you ready?

Below is a meditation recorded for this very practice. It begins with instructions on body position followed by a guided relaxation, a reading of The Play of Thought by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, loving-kindness, and ends with a guided outro.

Also below you will find my video on Meditation Basics. This five minute gem discusses props, posture, duration of practice and more.

As you practice, questions, comments, or concerns may arise. When this happens, feel free to contact me. Information below.


As always, thank you for reading!

Read my thoughts on thoughts in the post titled “The Wheel of Awareness” 

Wheel of Awareness

Stay Comfortable! Read my post on the 6 must have props titled “Get Comfortable!”



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Join Me For Some Stress Relief! Movement and Meditation Every Monday

Hello fellow wellness seekers!

Join me every Monday night at Flourish Foundation in Hailey for 30 minutes of movement followed by 30 minutes of and mindful meditation. The movement portion is a slow flow yoga sequence which is for all levels and body types followed by 30 minutes of meditation based on the 4 foundational mindfulness practices: breath awareness, body scan, sitting meditation, and loving kindness.

The Goal: Reduce stress while cultivating balance and well-being.

I hope you’ll join me!

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All My Offerings…Join ME!!

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Join Me For a Free Coaching Consultation!


Recovery & Life Coaching with Caitlin

My name is Caitlin Hegwood and I am a Certified Recovery and Life Coach based out of Sun Valley, Idaho. I work with clients to achieve their recovery goals. I have an office located in Ketchum or can meet via video conference or over the phone. If you’d like to know more fill out the form below, email me at or simply give me a call at 208-309-1948.

Working with Me

Working with me means looking closely at all areas and aspects of life as YOU define. We then create action steps toward achieving your goals.

Whether you are wanting to make a shift toward a healthier life style, live in line with your values, or get back your time and life, I am here to work with you on creating a life well lived, as defined by YOU. Along with my unique coaching technique we also read inspiring literature, which we don’t just use intellectually, but rather put the concepts into action, define values, realign and re-balance our lives, wake up everyday with mental clarity and live purposefully.

During recovery obstacles, challenges, and obstructions call our attention. When working together we’ll address these by developing the skills and strategies to handle situations that arise, as they arise, and learn from the experience.

My Clients

The clients I work with are the most intelligent, driven, emotionally and spiritually connected individuals I have ever met. Each has their our reasons for turning to substance abuse and an equally good reason for turning toward recovery. Their journey now is to navigate back to their path; the path to happiness, joy and freedom. Which is where I come in. I help jump start and sustain growth and evolution during the process of regaining health and sobriety.

When in an addictive cycle, one cannot live a full life. It takes time to source, abuse, withdrawal and recover from the use of any substance. When in recovery we work diligently to free ourselves of this cycle: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In doing so we literally get our lives back, our time, our emotional and physical energy. We get it all back.

Recovery From What?

I help clients recovering from alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and eating disorders. I have direct experience recovering from these disorders of compulsion and self-harm, which I have recovered from and continue to work toward my recovery goals, which is why I am dedicated to helping people achieve their own recovery goals. It is my belief that addiction is a compulsive thought to self-harm, and therefore believe I can help those ready to rewire their brains creating healthy mental patterns. This starts with the physical addictions, then moves toward the mental, and finally the emotional aspects of why we have a compulsion to self-harm.

My Background, Training, and Expertise

I have a Recovery Coach Certification through the State of Idaho, Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Treatment Certification through the Center for Adolescent Studies, Meditation and Psychotherapy training, and a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through the Yoga Alliance. I use the recovery coaching model taught and approved by Idaho Health and Welfare, as well as the Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselor Certification. This sprinkled with Eastern spiritualism, Stoic philosophy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Substance Abuse Treatment techniques.
My expertise comes from my training and my own experience moving into substance abuse, overcoming internal and external obstacles, and recovering. I bring this to my clients in a unique and holistic manner.

Coaching is Different

Coaching is different than working with a counselor or a sponsor. In coaching we focus on the present circumstances, not what led us to them. We’ll identify obstacles currently happening in your life, create sustainable goals, and take action steps for a better future. I do encourage my clients to also work with a counselor to gain further support toward mental health.
Is it like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)?
AA is a non-profit meant to support those seeking sobriety. Its 12 steps are greatly powerful for some. If you like the 12 step process, great. If not, great. Recovery coaching is different in the way we approach recovery. We take an active approach to regaining physical, mental and emotional health. I encourage and guide my clients to do whatever they need to do to remain on the path to sobriety. These supports include working a coach, a counselor, family and friends, job/ career, ongoing education, and community groups (AA, meditation groups, ski clubs, etc.).

Ready to Work With Me?

If you or anyone you love is ready to get started on the path to living a full and sober life contact me by filling out the form below, email me at or simply give me a call at 208-309-1948. I am here as a resource, support, and guide on the path to recovery. Join me and living this wonderfully awake and fulfilling life.