One Year Older, One Year Wiser

This month is my birthday, and contrary to what I’ve been told about getting older (mostly that it’s bad), with each passing year life seems only to get better. Every new gray hair which pops out of my head is a sign of success. ‘Wisdom’ I call them proudly to people who inquire about my age and hair color.

28 years old may seem young, and don’t get me wrong I feel young, but in my youth I took the many opportunities presented to me to grow. ‘Character building’ is what my husband calls them, and for a 28 year old I have had many opportunities to ‘character build’. I look around at others my age and see a select few with good work ethic, who are driven, determined to follow their heart in the form of a career path, similarly to the path I took. I see others who are still in school, traveling the world, bouncing from couch to couch. For each of us there is a different path, none better than the other, all moving toward the same goals; Happiness, love and freedom. I view it as a maze where each person is taking their own turns, sometimes moving backwards, other times moving forward.


At my age, I am lucky to have achieved these goals, making it to the false finish line of life. Even though I feel both happy and free now, I take solace in the fact that nothing stays the same. These feelings will be replaced with others, greed, fear, anxiety, hate, and I will be forced again and again to recognize where I am in the maze and realign myself with the common goals.

Each year new opportunities arise. If one dares to look at these challenges as ‘character building’ one moves more towards the goals set for themselves. Choosing to meet these challenges with openness instead of fear, allows for learning to occur. I recently saw a Chinese Medicine and Massage therapist who said it best, “The choices we make are based on two things only, love or fear”. One might pause, asking themself, ‘Am I choosing this because I am scared or out of love?’ then realign themself with the choice which allows for growth.

This year I honed my ability to do just that, which made my 27th year one of true happiness and freedom. As I travel through the maze I look forward to the prospect of new ‘character building’ opportunities which will, no doubt, further me on my path.

Will you join we in the journey?

Please leave comments below on any ‘character building’ events which happened to you over the year!

Author: Caitlin Hegwood

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