Dress it up! 6 Ways to Dress Up Your Veggies, Vegan Style

2017 is here and one resolution you may have made is to make healthier choices this year. I am here to help! 

Below are 6 salad dressing recipes to dress up veggies (hot or cold!). There are also tricks and tips for cutting and preparing vegetable dishes, salads included.

Read, Eat, Share.

Cheers to good health, full bellies, and GREENS!


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Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette: Great for romaine salads or topping for spaghetti squash. Rich, creamy, savory and satisfying.  img_20170107_102229-2

Ranch: Perfect for dripping roasted cauliflower (with buffalo sauce seasoning!), topper for salads, and dip for carrots. This ranch is tangy, flavorful, and creamy just like regular-style ranch, but without the dairy!IMG_20160204_183426

Lemon Ginger: This lemon-y treat is great for grilled or fresh romaine, steamed collard greens, or freshly sliced cabbage. img_20170107_104617

Creamy Citrus: A perfect match for seafood dishes (for those pescetarians), topper for romaine or spring mix, or massage into kale. Light, bright and creamy.img_20170107_101216

Sesame Seed: Great on seaweed salad, romaine, or a dip collard green spring rolls. It is rich tasting with the perfect amount of sesame flavor.

Thai Peanut: Match this will collar green spring rolls, grilled romaine, or topper for kale or romaine salads. Tangy, creamy with a little spicy. This dressing is super satisfying and delicious!

Tricks and Tips: Preparing Vegetables

  1. Use a potato peeler! Turn zucchini into fettuccine style pasta strips or add stripssalad of carrot to the top of any dish to add color. What an invaluable tool!
  2. Spiralizers turn beets, summer squash, and carrots into spaghetti style dishes. Eat raw or throw into a pan. Either way, top with olive oil, Italian seasoning, or tomato sauce for a healthy Italian treat!
  3. Massage your tough to chew vegetables such as kale, chard, and cabbage. Use a little olive oil, lemon juice, or an avocado and get your hands dirty by pressing it into each leaf (30 seconds).


Spring Rolls: http://www.acleandiet.com/raw-recipe-2/rawsome-spring-rolls-2/ 

Author: Caitlin Hegwood

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