Yoga: A Practice for Experiencing Life

One comes to the practice of yoga for various reasons; stress reduction, weight loss, tight muscles, and in the case of a now-loyal yoga client, a nagging partner. Whatever the motivation, many practitioners continue the practice because of the deep connection to experiencing life in the present moment. In yoga we practice being in our bodies, staying with our breath, embracing and allowing flow, discomfort, anger, and joy. We practice being with all the sensations and emotions which arise.

We don’t do this solely for our yoga practice. We do this so when faced with the range of emotions in our life, we can meet them with presence. Whether the emotion is of deep sadness experienced from the death of a loved one or the happiness which comes with the birth of new life or opportunity, our yoga practice meets us there, in that moment.

While practicing this sequence, continue to come back to breath and body by noticing sensations (tingling, flow, numbness), sounds, and qualities of the breath.

May this practice allow you to fully experience each moment.


Author: Caitlin Hegwood

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