“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.”
– Abraham-Hicks

Recently, a yoga student of mine introduced me to the work of Abraham-Hicks (for more information click here). After doing some research, reading from their website and watching several videos, the above stated quote stuck with me, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking”. After several days of reflecting this attitude or way of thinking, I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment! I realized we get to control the beliefs we have about ourselves, others, how we feel, think, act, and respond.

One word came to mind…


If we are in control of all of these aspects of our cognition, our life, and how we come to the world each day, we have real freedom. It is then that we don’t fall victim to our circumstances or how others think of us. Rather, we get to decide. How empowering is that?!

Often our beliefs are subconscious. We have a thought so many times we don’t realize it’s a thought anymore! These unchecked beliefs shape our personalities, societal roles, and religious affiliations.

But one must remember, belief systems are 100% optional. We can believe anything we want without restriction. No one can tell us what we can or cannot think. One may feel as though the have to or should think a certain way, but the truth is, we don’t. We can think whatever we want! Again, one word comes to mind… Freedom!

To do this we must question our beliefs and decide what to believe on purpose.

The Practice

Complete the following sentence completion exercises to uncover your belief systems.



Download the worksheet here: Freedom Uncovering Belief Systems

A Word About Trauma

Horrible things can happen in your life and you can make them mean whatever you want. For example, let’s say someone has an experience with sexual abuse or rape. Someone may tell that person (or that person may tell themselves), “You’re a victim, you should feel __________ (pick an emotion: angry, ashamed, afraid, fearful)” or “You’re a survivor! You should feel ________ (pick an emotion: lucky, grateful, empowered)”. But remember, you get to think whatever you want to think about anything that happens or has happened to you in your life. You get to choose what you believe about a situation and, as long as it serves you and the person you want to become, own it. You get to decide that your past means, what your present situation is, and what your future will become. If it serves your life to be a survivor, be a survivor! If not identifying with the trauma at all serves you living your fullest and happiest life, rock on! If believing certain things about your past is creating pain, identify and revise the belief.

I choose to believe that just like a tree needs wind to create a strong heartwood, struggles help define us, who we are, and who we become. They call on us to solidify our stance in the world, and act from that knowing. I am who I am because of my struggles. My challenges have created who I am today and what I bring to the world.

Decide who you want to be, create those thoughts, think them so often they become a belief, and become your best self, on purpose



A Tree Needs Wind – Scientific Article

Cognitive Dissonance 


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