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If you’re like most, you have probably quit something in your life. Most of us are well practiced! Whether it’s a weight loss goal, exercise routine, budget, educational track, career or sport team, we have all quit something. I’m not saying it’s bad to quit, sometimes it’s necessary for our own safety and self-care! But often we use false justifications for allowing this detrimental action. And it all starts with a thought…

Thoughts such as, “I can’t do this” “This is unsuccessful” or “I don’t have time” begin to creep into our minds creating an emotion. This emotion is often uncomfortable, leading us to react (key word!). This action is often quitting, dropping out, and throwing our hands up in surrender. We no show, cancel, justify with seemingly great reasons. Other times we might not even get this far because these fear thoughts are so debilitating we don’t even commit in the first place!

Although we may find temporary relief from letting go, dropping out, and quitting, the end result is we never reaching our goals. We are left unsatisfied and unhappy with a false sense of safety.

Commitment Is the Answer!

When we fully commit to something, quitting is no longer an option. Whether it’s personal, social, financial, or job related, committing brings about focus and freedom, which brings about more success in the long term. Brooke Castillo, creator of the Life Coach School, puts it this way:

The best example of commitment is the commitment to a spouse or a boyfriend or a girlfriend. For most people, when committing to your spouse, kissing other people is no longer an option. It’s not something you worry about. It’s not something you think about. There’s going to be tons of cute people. There’s going to be lots of opportunity, but it’s not an option so you don’t even see it. You don’t even look for it. It’s not even relevant. You’re not like, “Oh God, that guy is so cute. That guy is so cute. Oh my God he’s right here and I’m married and I can’t kiss him!” Right? Cute dude, not an option to kiss him, so not even going to think about it, right? It’s not even in my repertoire and that gives me so much freedom.

When quitting is taken off the table, we spend less time wrestling with the decision in the first place. This leads to more productivity and success with less suffering. It also gives us less distraction and more connection to the people around us and the work we are called to do in the world.

To achieve your goals in 2018 honor your commitment by not quitting, understanding that quitting is a temptation that you must remove. Take the option off the menu and achieve the life you’ve always dreamed.

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