Amplify Your Practice: Group Meditation in the Wood River Valley

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The Power of Group Meditation

By Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Meditation has so many advantages that it’s become more popular than ever. Health, well-being, and mental processes improve with meditation and, over time, the benefits increase steadily. If meditation works so well for an individual, perhaps that power is amplified in a group. It could accelerate and expand everything. Let’s go into the possibilities.

At the most practical level, group meditation reinforces your desire to make it a daily practice. We all lead busy lives, and even the best intention to meditate can get lost once in a while. Joining a group can make you more committed to your practice. But a group can also represent a meditation lifestyle that inspires every member.

The Meditation Lifestyle

In the Indian spiritual tradition, this lifestyle has been condensed into three words derived from Sanskrit, each beginning with “S.”

  • Seva: Service without regard for the self. In service your actions harm no one and benefit everyone. You spread the influence of peace, which you have found personally in meditation.
  • Simran: Remembrance. In meditation you contact your source, the true self, and thus you remember who you really are. As you learn more about your true nature, your purpose for being here strengthens.

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6 Reasons Why Group Meditation is Awesome


We spend a lot of time alone without realizing it. Sure, it might not always seem like we’re alone when we’re communicating on Twitter, sharing images on Instagram or Pinterest, or liking friends’ status updates on Facebook, but scrolling is, nonetheless, a solitary pastime. It keeps us in one place, and time flies by. No wonder it seems so difficult to fit in that yoga class or add 15 minutes of meditation into a daily schedule. Socializing has been redefined by our technological lives and communication has never been so easy, yet maybe it’s too easy and making us a little too comfortable with our solitude.

Nothing can compare to a physical face-to-face connection. The feel of a genuine laugh or the satisfaction of sharing ideas in person is far better than reading a text and misunderstanding the intended meaning of the typed message because it didn’t include a smiley face emoji. Go for a real smile on a real face more often.

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Starting a Meditation Group

By Tara Brach

Mindfulness meditation groups are a wonderful way of connecting with others to share and deepen your meditation practice. These groups come in many shapes and sizes and provide community, accountability and a supportive space to connect with others while steadying and enriching your practice.


Meditation groups frequently start off with a handful of interested friends meeting in one person’s home (or alternating homes) to practice. As attendance increases – or even from the very beginning – groups might meet in a room or hall in a church, library, or other building. Online groups can provide much needed support and connection for those who have limited access to “in person” resources due to geography, health, or scheduling limitations.

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