A Heart Centered Yoga Sequence for Valentine’s Day

The Practice

Time for some self care, the best gift you can give yourself for Valentine’s Day!

This Heart Centered Sequence will open both the front and back of the chest region, the hips, buttocks, and the large muscle groups in the legs.


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Remain in each posture for one to three minutes, allowing your body and mind to unwind, and allowing the muscles and ligaments time to uncoil from their normal state of being. Feel free to make this shorter or longer, depending on your individual needs. Listen and respond to your body in my with care, especially on a holiday centered around showing other love and compassion.

Begin in Easy Seated Pose, placing a bolster or block under the sit bones for comfort. Allow the hands to rest on the knees or thighs with palms facing up. Bring your awareness to the breath, the space in the chest, and your heart (2-5 minutes).

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Forward Fold, move to Mountain, then follow the chest opening sequence using a strap.

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Move into Forward Fold, followed by Downward Dog, Runner’s Lunge, Low Lunge with a twist and, finally Half Twisted Lizard, with the hand on the heart.

From there, lie on the belly with the shoulder, elbow and hand at a 90 degree angle, roll onto the front of the shoulder, rest here opening the front of the chest.

Take 3-5 minutes to rest in Child’s Pose, focusing the breath on the back of the heart space.

Move onto your back, and move into full wheel (only if this is safe for your back and part of your regular practice). Bring the knees to the check soon after, as a counter pose.

Move into supported Bridge, then a Supine Twist.

End with a supported chest opener, 5-10 minutes, breathing into the chest space.

Ending the practice with an offer of love and self compassion by saying the following phrases to oneself:

May I be happy.

May I be free from suffering.

May I be safe and at ease.

Now, broadening the compassionate wishes to include all beings:

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be free from suffering.

May all beings be safe and at ease.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Love and Light-

Caitlin Renz

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