Ground, Align, Breath: A Yoga Sequence

Ground, Align, Breath

These three words are not only meant to center one in their yoga practice, but in life. With each decision, conversation, career change, financial choice and interpersonal interaction one might ask themselves the following question and acting accordingly.

Ground yourself by asking, What are my values?

Align and Act from those values in your thoughts, actions, and words.

Breath with what happens next.


If you’ve asked yourself these questions, your actions will match your values, which will in turn create a life authentically in line with your values. We also do this in each posture throughout our yoga practice. Utilize these principles as you move through the following sequence.

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Begin seated in a dignified posture, focusing on breath and body sensations, 3-5 minutes.

Move through cat/cow focusing on opening the front and back body, shoulders, hips, spine, and chest.

Tuck the toes and move into Downward Facing Dog. Press into the hands firmly, pull the triceps together energetically, and lift up and out of the shoulders, opening the chest and creating space in the spine. Allow the breath to be deep and smooth.

Step one foot up for Low Lunge, followed by straightening the front leg and forward folding.

*Plan on staying in each posture for 4 to 8 breath cycles.*

From Downward Dog, walk the feet to meet the hands in Forward Fold. Then roll slowly to Mountain, rooting through the feet and lifting the crown of the head. Push downward into the feet while simultaneously reaching the hands up for a side stretch. Breath.

Step back into High Lunge, reaching the hands forward. Bring the hands to Prayer Position in front of the heart and twist by placing the elbow on the opposite knee. Focus your mind on rooting into the soles of the feet, the rotation of the torso, and creating space in the spine.

Repeat on your opposite side.

Step the foot back for Warrior II, using heel to heel alignment and centering the front knee directly over the ankle. Ground the feet while lifting the pelvic floor, chest, and crown of the head.

Move into Reverse Warrior by dropping the back hand and lifting the front hand up, then back, creating space in the spine.

Transition into Triangle by straightening the front leg, placing the front hand on the inside of the leg, and keeping your body in a plane.

Come into Downward Facing Dog, then to the knees. Stack knees, hips, and shoulders while reaching the chip to the chest. Tuck the toes, and with your hands on the low back, reach the crown of the head up and back for Camel. Do this pose twice, reaching for the heels the second time (only if you feel ready – the action is creating space in the spine, not pinching!). After, move into Child’s Pose to stretch and elongate the lower spine.

Finally, move into Final Relaxation Pose. Allow your practice to be absorbed into each cell in the body by softening and allowing sensations to come and go, opening fully to the moment.


Thank yourself for this inward act of self care.

May it ripple out to positively affect all beings. 

This sequence is brought to you by She Emerges.

She Emerges is a movement designed to inspire every woman to confidently do the things she loves, challenge her mind and body, and embrace each moment like there’s no tomorrow.

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