Get Comfortable: 6 Must Have Props for Meditation

Although being comfortable in meditation isn’t the goal, (remember the goal is to pay attention on purpose with kindness) being comfortable while meditating IS important. This is a way of being kind to the body, which allows one to reach greater states of connectedness.

When arriving at any group meditation it quickly becomes obvious how important being comfortable while meditating is to each practitioner (I myself haul around a small reclining chair!). This is because sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable for most people.

For this the meditative yogi created props!

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Below you’ll find a list of props perfect in supporting your meditation and yoga practice. If you have one to add, comment below!

Enjoy and Happy Meditating!

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#1: Half Moon Meditation Chair

My favorite innovation since sliced bread! I have tried all the following props for meditation and continued to feel discomfort and pain. During a recent Vipassana Meditation Retreat I attended in 2017 I was introduced to this chair and now HIGHLY recommend it as a “must have” for anyone wanting to meditation over 20-30 minutes at a time. The cushion is comfortable, the cover soft and can be taken off for washing, and (best of all!) it reclines to fit any angle needed for the comfort of the spine.

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#2. Zafu Meditation Cushion


A zafu improves your posture by making small adjustments to the geometry of your typical seated position.

While seated on a flat surface, our natural inclination is to bend our backs forward while hunching our shoulders. This flawed posture can cause painful stress on joints, muscles and nerves.

A zafu, placed under your hips, will elevate your upper body slightly. It allows you to effortlessly straighten your spine and pull your shoulders back into a healthy posture. This simple enhancement keeps your spine neutrally aligned and will help to eliminate any potentially uncomfortable pressure points in your back, shoulders and neck.


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#3. Meditation Bench

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The purpose of a meditation bench is to assist you when meditating in a kneeling position. Sitting your bottom on the bench helps align your spine correctly while absorbing the weight of your upper body. It also protects your ankles, which will rest without pressure underneath the bench.

When you are sitting on your bench correctly, you should feel completely comfortable, especially in the legs and knees. As a result you should be able to kneel and meditate for longer without any discomfort or pain.

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#4. Yoga Blocks


For use in Virasana and supported Fish Pose, pictured below, blocks create alignment

supported-fish_scand support to stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, calming the mind and body.

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#5. Yoga Bolster

Using a bolster can greatly enhance your meditation practice because it allows you to sit in comfort for longer while receiving the healing benefits of supported restorative postures. Siting up on a bolster or cushion protects your knees, helps lengthen your spine, and allows you to meditate longer.

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#6. Yoga Blankets

Blankets can be used in a similar manner as the bolster. It can also be folded differently and used to prop up the hips, creating alignment in the spine, when seated. If doing a lying meditation, it can be nice to cover oneself to stay warm or place one folded under the head for comfort. This is one item I use everyday in my meditation practice here in the North country!



I highly recommend reading more about how to use blankets in your yoga practice by going to

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Happy Meditating!

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