The Wheel of Awareness, Mindfulness Workshop and August Schedule

The Wheel of Awareness metaphor can help us to deepen our awareness and presence in the current moment. The center of the wheel is the hub, this moment, all we have. To stay in the hub one chooses an object of awareness; the breath, physical sensation, sound, sight, etc. As our mind naturally moves off into thought, the spokes are created. These are moving us away from the present moment and our object of awareness, which we must develop the capacity to come back to, over and over again.

Thoughts About Thoughts

It is important to remember thoughts are natural, they are part of being human, and are of great value! What would we do without the ability to think?! At times this great gift actually gets in the way of being present, content, and happy. These thoughts, worries, judgments, projections, reenactments, etc. can lead us to circle, spin, and go round and round the rim of the wheel, spinning us out of control. If we can remember to come back a magic moment occurs! We then come back to the hub, the present moment, to reinforce presence.

Anchor Yourself

How do we stay, or continually come back to, the hub? We use an anchor. In meditation we use an anchor to keep us connected to the present moment. The anchor could be several different techniques or a combination of them. A primary anchor which is always accessible is the breath. the rise and fall of the belly or the sensation of the breath as you breath through the nostrils. One might use sensations throughout the body, a visual image, mantra, or something tactile such as mala beads. The important part is the coming back to the hub, the present moment, with awareness. Whatever anchor you choose, let it be one which allows you to rest in the present moment the most, allowing yourself to experience the moment with non-judgement and kindness.

If we pro-actively and continuously come back to the hub, awareness of a chosen object, over and over again, we develop our capacity to stay zoned-into this moment.

Happy Meditating!

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