Relax and Recharge: A 25 Minute Sitting Meditation

Studies show the more we practice meditation, the easier it is to access a relaxed, aware state of being throughout the day. Take a minute (or 25!) to sit down and meditate using my guided sitting meditation practice focused on the breath and body sensations. This meditation was recorded at the Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop August 25th, 2018. 

Rest, Relax, Recharge, Repeat. 

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Movement and Mindfulness 

Mondays at Flourish 1030 Aiport Way Hailey

6:00 – 7:00 PM

30 Minutes Slow Flow Yoga

30 Minutes Meditation

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Join Cody Lee and I in October for a 4 Week Focused Workshop on Creating and Sustaining Healthy Relationships

Week 1:Communication as a foundation for everything

Week 2: Mindful Listening/ Speaking Skills and Communication Pitfalls 

Week 3: Fostering Connections, Sexual Communication, and Addressing Charged Issues

Week 4: Developing a Plan to Co-Create Life

Go to for more information and to register

Creating and Sustaining Healthy Relationships Workshop 2018


Mayo Clinic – Meditation Benefits

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