The Communication Process

Week 1 of our upcoming Relationship Workshop

Communication as a Basis for Everything

Wouldn’t you agree?!

For instance: If you have a headache, communicating that to your significant other, co-workers, or children is important. If they don’t know what is going on with you, they might take it personally. Rubbing your temples and sighing audibly doesn’t exactly communicate to them you care!man-with-migraine-headache-massaging-his-temples-and-frowning

Or maybe you are walking in the door, coming home from a long day at work, and your partner immediately begins sharing important details about their day but you are still processing the events and conversations from your own? Telling them you need a few moments to wind down so you are able to listening fully can mean the difference of them feeling valued and heard vs ignored and discredited. This interaction sets the tone for the rest of the evening; Will it be loving or contentious?

I know which interaction I’d rather have!

Effectively communicating with those around us creates a healthy emotional climate which we share with those around us. Inevitably there will be less frustration, irritation, hurt feelings, and unplanned hiccups. 

Communicating well is a process. Although the below listed process is easily read, putting it into practice can be a challenge. Our old, and often ineffective patterns for communicating can get in the way, but we know the brain is flexible. With deliberate action toward incorporating these into your communication process, the healthier your relationships will be and the more quality time you will be able to spend with yourself and the others in your life, whether that be at work, at home, or in your community.

Process1. Know yourself: Your thoughts, emotions, feelings.
2. Use your words wisely: Practice deliberate and mindful speech.
3. Ask: “Is this a good time to discuss….”.
4. Use “I” statements – Stick to the unarguables: Sensations, Emotions, and Wants.

5. Look and Listen: Open and receptive body language and mental space is required when communicating effectively.

Want to Work on These Skills in More Depth?



5:30-7:00 PM IN KETCHUM

This workshop teaches skills to create healthy relationships in every context of life, whether seeking support and information to develop your relationship with your partner, family members or co-workers. There is something for everyone! We will focus on communication as a foundation for everything, mindful listening/ speaking skills, sexual communication, addressing charged issues, and developing a plan to co-create life.

For more information or questions, email Caitlin at or call her at 208-30-1948. Reach out to Cody by emailing

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Creating and Sustaining Healthy Relationships Workshop 2018

Register HERE for the Relationships Workshop

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