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Dear fellow readers,

My goal in writing this blog has always been to inspire and support my readers (YOU!) in living happy, healthy lives. In the past this meant sharing my spiritual journey of becoming mindful by means of meditation, healing my physical body with yoga and plant based recipes, and how to overcome the obstructions, irritation, and frustrations which arise on the Bodhisattva path. Sharing with you what is going on in my life has been a way of creating community, fostering creativity, and defining what I am focused on at any given moment. Currently I am focused on addiction recovery, life and couples coaching, mindfulness, and developing healthy relationships by communicating, setting boundaries, trusting, and being honest.

My upcoming in-person events include a 3 hour Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop December 8th at Pure Body Bliss register @ www.incorporate-wellness.com/workshops/

My final Movement and Meditation class December 10th at The Flourish Foundation from 6-7 PM followed by a going-away (see more about this below) potluck from 7-8 PM.

Coming soon is a project I have been working on for several months, an eBook entitled Getting to Know Yourself Sexually; Explore, Discuss, ExperimentA sneak peek from the introduction:

No matter your age, taking care of and getting to know yourself sexually is as important as finding the right career, group of friends, lifestyle, or committed partner. I encourage you to keep an open mind while reading and working through this process. Who knows? You might just learn something about yourself.


For those of you who couldn’t join Cody and I in September for our Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships Workshop, you will have the opportunity January 2019! We are hosting 4 online workshops, each week a different theme. Join live to ask questions and be part of a community seeking to develop peak relationships in all facets of life. You can purchase the entire workshop, four 1.5 hour long classes for $75, or pick and choose by theme, $25 per session. If you can’t make it to the live event, the recording will be sent to your inbox. Register at https://incorporate-wellness.com/workshops/

Working with clients (addiction recovery, life and couples coaching) will also move to an online platform as I transition to living in a new place, Flagstaff, AZ. This move comes after spending 11 years in Idaho, an amazingly beautiful place with wonderful people. I find myself ready to take on new life experiences, get my masters degree in Family Counseling, and engage a broader population. Find out more about coaching at https://incorporate-wellness.com/Coaching-services/

Last but not least, Kelsey Johndrow, beloved friend and yogini, and I have started a podcast, Karma is a Bitch. On this new platform we will discuss our personal struggles, provide resources and share methods for overcoming obstacles. These struggles include addiction, chronic pain, relationships, trust, touch, trauma, abuse, yoga, healing, meditation, mindfulness, eating disorders, self-harm, communication. Click the link to listen to the preview and stay tuned for upcoming episodes: https://anchor.fm/karmaisabitch/episodes/Karma-is-a-Bitch–Preview-e2hq68

I hope these new offerings inspire you, as they do me, to be your best self!
Thank you for your support and for reading!
Caitlin Hegwood

Author: Caitlin Hegwood

I create healthy recipes, share natural self-care tips, provide mindfulness practices, offer private and group yoga classes, and health and wellness coaching to my amazing community of wellness seekers. I hope you'll join me on this journey to wellness by subscribing below!

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