Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoying This Life: Article and Meditation

“…Human life is extremely short and precious. That is true for all of us regardless of our age. Time is always running out. Time escapes us and therefore life should be held sacred and precious. Knowing this, we sometimes get carried away by our desire to do something meaningful with our life. In the end, it’s often best to forget our grandiose ideas. It has been said that to practice true spirituality is to forget oneself. Once we know how to truly forget ourselves, what’s left is an extraordinary peace. That peace is all pervading, always present. In the ultimate sense, there is nothing to be done except to learn how to enjoy life.”

An excerpt from chapter five of The Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten.

This chapter came to me the morning before I quit my job. I had been working 60-70 hour weeks for far too long, with a full-time corporate job as well as running my business. Hustling, as it were, to build a life worth living.

Teetering between enough and too much has always been a difficult balance for me. Driven, intelligent, and energetic with a dash of impatience means I get shit done and with decent quality. But this much work? And doing it for someone other than myself? Nope! Not anymore.

As I woke up on that not-so-distant Monday morning, I felt mentally exhausted, unengaged with my corporate job, and lack-luster about the prospect of continuing life without the time I craved to spend in nature, with friends or family, or (God forbid!) relaxing with my guitar or a book in hand. I knew what I needed, time. Time to reset and recenter by getting in touch with what is most important in life. The only person responsible for this necessary recentering: Me. No one was going to offer me this on a platinum platter. I was finally ready to take charge of myself and make a change.

Because of the work I do with clients and in the community, I am continually lending out books on the subject of mindfulness, spirituality, and healing. The Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten was suggested to me from my first meditation teacher in 2012. At that time I had no knowledge of meditation, mindfulness, how to create space between thoughts, emotions, judgments or how to move from reaction to deliberate action. This book was foundational.

The universe working in my favor, the book had just been returned. It lay in my work bag, which, when you are working 70 hours a week, sits pretty close to the bed. I grabbed it out, flipping to a page I had read several years ago but had forgotten. I read aloud the above written excerpt and WOW! It hit me. Enjoying life? When is the last time I did that? I mean really enjoyed life? Enjoyed people? Enjoyed nature or reading or music? How long had it been since I relaxed? I didn’t know.

Since making this decision my entire demeanor has changed. I have been more relaxed, present, able to meet whatever arises (joys or suffering) with equanimity and compassion. I have been a better person to myself, my family, my partner, my friends, and my clients.

Who knew enjoying life could be this good?

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