Getting to Know Yourself Sexually: Step #2 – The Fun Begins!

Step #2. Self Exploration – The Fun Begins!

In terms of getting to know your body and the different sensations which can be experienced, we must practice by touching ourselves. These sensations aren’t new to you, but experiencing them mindfully with the intention of developing sexually will be different. The sensations could range from hot to cold, numbness, tingling, vibration, pressure (light to heavy), tightness, openness, achiness, and spaciousness.

Most likely, you will notice these sensations change with each new sexual experience depending on your energy, stress, hormone levels, and environment. Bring a mindset of adventure to exploring and getting to know your body’s sensations. Experiencing something new in how we use and feel our bodies continually brings us back to the ‘beginner’s mind’ mentality (find out more about the ‘beginner’s mind’ mentality on the Resource page).

Below are points listed as a means to begin the process of exploring sensation.These practices move from non-sexual to sexual in nature. As you become more comfortable with the experience, you can move to the more sexual practices. Take notes or journal about your experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Documenting your experience will allow you to identify patterns and find what you really enjoy.

Questions to explore while experimenting with the following:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • Why do I enjoy it?
  • How do I enjoy it?

The Practices

  • Take a dry brush and lightly move the bristles over the entire orb of the head, moving to the face, neck, chest, belly, pelvic region, shoulders, arms, hands, upper/mid/lower back, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, shins, and finally the feet. Pause at each location to notice sensations.
  • Practice the Body Scan Meditation: This meditation moves concentrated awareness on individual body parts sequentially either beginning at the top of the head and moving toward the feet or beginning at the feet and moving to the top of the head. Find my 20 Minute Body Scan Meditation on YouTube @CaitlinHegwood.
  • Experiment with watching, listening to or reading erotica.Orange Patterned Tax Day Social Media Graphic
  • Change Body Position: sit, stand, squat, lay, or position yourself on hands and knees.
  • Go over my favorite BDSM checklist by Latches. This is a thorough checklist, allowing you to define sexual boundaries including what is appropriate, acceptable, and desired. This is a necessary step before sharing this aspect of yourself with others. Find it under Resources.
  • Use hands, fingers, vibrators, rings, yoni wands and/or eggs while releasing and contracting pelvic muscles, working toward orgasm. For purchase @ (find more information of vaginal mapping in the resources section).
  • Practice daily or as frequently as possible.

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